Supply & Service Of Fire Protection System And Equipment

Supply, Install, Maintain & Service Fire Extinguisher & Fire Protection System

Fire Protection Supplier

GLOSAFE Innovation Sdn Bhd distributes a wide range of fire protection equipment for industry players & government agencies. Fire protection comes in many forms, from rescue and escape equipment to fire protection equipment like extinguishers and firefighter gear. Stock up on fire safety equipment that caters to the needs of your company. With the right products available and emergency plan in place, you can put safety first and protect your employees and company as a whole.


It is imperative that your company and employees know how to operate the fire protection system, and are prepared in the event of a fire to evacuate safely. We provide training along with inspection or service contracts. GLOSAFE Innovation can provide training directly to your group, at your location.


Hazard Analysis

GLOSAFE Innovation can provide your organization with a clear understanding of the fire hazards that are present in your organization. A hazard analysis is used as the first step in a process used to assess fire risk. The result of a hazard analysis is the identification of risks. The main goal is to provide the best selection of means of controlling or eliminating the fire risk.


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