Core Business


In GLOSAFE Innovation, we provide 3 core services: OHSE/Skills Training, OHSE Consultancy and Fire Fighting Solutions to cater the industry needs and to enhance the local workforce skills.

We offer quality, wide range of standard and customized occupational health, safety & environment (OHSE) training and consultancy services; and also skills development training that are specifically designed for all the industries including construction, plantation, oil and gas, marine, hospitality and more industry in compliance with local or international industry standards and to meet the specific needs of our esteemed customers.

We offer services in the fields of training and consultancy to various types of organizations through a team of highly qualified, experienced and certified instructors which came from various backgrounds either with domestic or international experience.



Our Logo

GLOSAFE Innovation Sdn Bhd (GISB) is a fully Malaysia based registered company as a private company and established by local Sabahan professionals with different backgrounds who passionate in Health & Safety training, consultancy and fire fighting solutions for all industry.
    GLOSAFE® Innovation

    GLOSAFE Innovation Sdn Bhd

    GLOSAFE® Innovation
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Business Strategy
At GLOSAFE Innovation Sdn Bhd (GISB), our top quality, flexibility and affordable pricing come together. Our consultant and experienced trainers are dedicated to conduct occupational health, safety & environment (OHSE) training/courses and consultant services for companies who consistently emphasized on quality and satisfactory at affordable prices. Our TWO business strategies are CONNECTING PEOPLE (Increase the number of genuine connections or professionals networks who might benefits from what we have to offer, and we or Sabah state might benefit in turn from them in future. A key reason for GLOSAFE Innovation’s success and happiness – sincerity in making connections that helps this organization to build good business operations and assists clients and customers’ to achieve their business needs and safe operations. ) and IDENTIFY PASSION AND POTENTIAL (What are your passionate about your line of work? What sort of challenges do your company face? What training would help you achieve your vision sooner rather than later? In GLOSAFE Innovation, we care about our client or customer’s passion and potential. We will actively listen to client or customer’s view. If certain solution is required to help push towards a vision, we can consult them to achieve their unlimited potential for their future benefits.).

Why choose us?

Professional & Innovative Teaching

Training and to learn in GLOSAFE Innovation Sdn Bhd (GISB), you are INVESTING in your future.

Learn From The Best

We will bring you to a higher standard of competency so that your entire team can share a common set of knowledge and skills.

Interactive & Concise Course Material for Each Participant

Having a high quality and comprehensive training enables you to strengthen the skills and enhance your qualification.

Customised Case Studies & Simulations

Training is an excellent opportunity to expand both the knowledge base and skills of every professional.